Samsoche Sampson (Mvskoke Creek/Seneca) is a working performing and visual artist located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. 

Samsoche is known for his performances with his brother Lumhe "Micco" Sampson where together they create The Sampson Brothers. The Sampson Brothers are world-renowned dancers who travel the world performing at various universities, festivals, and conferences. Through hoop dancing they hope to give back to their tribe and the Indigenous communities by breaking stereotypes and paving the way for generations to come. The Sampson Brothers have shared the stage and collaborated with numerous artists in their life-long career. Recently, they have completed projects with TEDxMinneapolis and KQED Art Shorts "If Cities Could Dance".

Samsoche works in a variety of mediums from dance, music, acting, printmaking, digital graphics, and painting. When not performing around the country he likes to work on his art and spend time with his family. Samsoche has a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Columbia College Chicago and a life-time of experiences working in film, theatre arts, performance arts, and cultural arts. His work blends the contemporary experience with the traditional values of his culture to create a bridge between the two.

If you would like to hire Samsoche (or The Sampson Bros) for performances, speaking engagements, workshops, or artist in residents please reach out via email at kvskvnvdesigns@gmail.com

photo by: 3 Months Sun Photography